Systems: Sun Microsystems, HP and VMWare, and others

Data Storage and Enterprise Backup: Sun, HP, Symantec

Security: Checkpoint, Sonic Wall, Sophos, Symantec, Fortinet and more..

  Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL

Software Products:

MS Office products, Open Office and many Open Source Products

Offers a range of software solutions including but not limited to:

Retail ecommerce. Remote access for mobile workforce. On-Site service needs.

About Us

Action Network Solutions provides consulting and managed network solutions to many small and medium business in San Francisco Bay Area.                         

  • What are the true costs and are they competitive?

  • How can my network be optimized for seamless global delivery of critical applications in a uniform, single-service fashion?

  • How to roll out new network and security services "on demand?"

In our standard engagements with customers, we do everything from analyzing costs, to designing, implementing and managing networks and security services, to building strategies.  Action Network Solutions specializes in the changes of technology and how they can best be integrated with your computing environment. Whether it is deploying new desktop systems for your company or custom applications.

Action  Network  Solutions  believes in educating our customers about all their available options.  System integrators all too often make you, the customer, reliant on them by controlling information.  We believe in helping you to manage the technology change and teaching you as much as possible, leaving you more self-sufficient.  This philosophy produces a positive partnership that is a "Win/Win" for everyone involved.

At  A c t i o n  N e t w o r k  S o l u t i o n s  our mission is to partner with your organization, find the best solution to your technology needs, and implement that solution. We will work with you, drawing upon your expertise in your business, and add the value of our technical expertise. As a team, your business and ours will find the solution -- the solution that is right for you. 

A c t i o n  N e t w o r k  S o l u t i o n s  is partnered with industry leading technology companies to bring you the highest level of service available. Our relationship  with these companies allows us to provide ongoing professional technology services to you, with the strength of the best companies behind our team. 

All our certified technicians undergo rigorous screening and are continuously trained and vendor-certified on the latest technologies. Our staff consists of the brightest and best in all facets of computer networks and IT solutions, from basic cabling and telephone systems to network security and collaborative workgroup solutions. And since they are also trained as customer service professionals, you're assured of receiving individual attention, quality-controlled service, and complete accountability. 

Our experienced (4-8 years) programmers, and Engineers will work with your company in designing and implementing an optimal solution for your needs


Action Network Solutions
816 Bradford Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

 email: info@actionnetsolutions.com  




Online Support:

support@actionnetsolutions.com Phone: (650)305-0331

Our people combine detailed sector knowledge with practical consulting expertise to enable you to develop effective solutions to the challenges that you and your organization face.

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